NuZar, unique addition to the RephiLe water purification product portfolio

The NuZar water purification systems incorporate advanced technologies and optimized flow paths to ensure reliable water quality for customers’ applications. They are specifically designed for laboratories that demand a balance between cost of ownership and exceeding their purified water requirements.

NuZar lab water purification system overview
NuZar lab water purification system overview

The NuZar models are powerful, intelligent, and compact. They are able to provide laboratory users with consistent water quality, effortless operation, user-friendly monitoring, and lower cost of ownership.

The word of NuZar originated from a popular deity in Asian mythology. He is famous because he defeats the dragon king, who is physically much bigger than him. People believe NuZar is exceptionally strong, intelligent and dutiful.  

Highlights of NuZar water purification systems:

  1. Reliable water quality and stable system performance
  2. Simple Plug-N-Play installation and easy maintenance
  3. Data traceability
  4. Low running cost
  5. Compact and small footprint

The series includes 5 models:

Feed WaterSystemProduct Water
Tap waterNuZar U24Ultrapure water, RO water
Tap waterNuZar E10EDI water
Tap waterNuZar H24DI water
Tap waterNuZar R24RO water
Pure waterNuZar QUltrapure water

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