Which water purification systems can be selected for cell culture?

Based on years of experience from both our experts and clients, ultrapure water produced by RephiLe Genie G and Genie PURIST water purification systems can satisfy the water needs for cell culture without raising any significant problems.

water purification system for cell culture Genie G

The general production of ultrapure water can be generated into four main steps: pre-treatment, polishing, storage and distribution, and this is basically how Genie G works. A Genie G water system is a single unit for Type I and Type II EDI pure water from tap water, combining an optimized sequence of water purification technologies in a compact unit. The EDI module employed in Genie G accounts for the excellent performance of the system, being able to consistently and reliably produce high purity product water. The competence of EDI module lies in its high levels of demineralization because it combines a number of different ion removal mechanisms. Moreover, the rejection performance of weakly ionized species and heavy metal ions is exceptionally high, predictable and stable over time. The EDI product water is then further polished by U pack in Genie G to ensure that the product water quality is up to the critical requirements of cell culture.

water purification system for cell culture Genie PURIST

Yet, Genie PURIST works differently. It covers only two steps – polishing and distribution. Genie PURIST produces Type I ultrapure water from purified water (RO, EDI, deionized or distilled water) for demanding applications. If you already have a central pure water supply in the lab, a Genie PURIST is a good choice to accomplish the job.

Genie PURIST water system purifies pure water into microorganism-free ultrapure water of the highest specification for cell culture. To suit all kinds of feed water containers of different size and shape, a universal feed water level sensor can be equipped to prevent the system from pumping air. Having feed water from central building water system or RO/EDI water system, Genie PURIST has an integrated level sensor at the feed inlet to identify the quality of the water coming into the system. This can greatly protect the consumables from being exhausted and the flow path from contamination. This design not only reduces the operating costs, but also maintains the production quality.

water purification system for cell culture RephiBio

RephiBio is a disposable final filter for ultrapure water in biological applications. It can effectively remove endotoxin, RNases, DNases and bacteria from water. It is easily fitted to Genie G or Genie PURIST. With the help of RephiBio, the microorganism-free product water is ready to deliver to the point of use for the users. To sum up, the ultrapure water provided by Genie G or Genie PURIST water purification system has  a resistivity of 18.2 MΩ·cm, a microorganism level below 1 cfu/100ml, and free from traces contaminants. In addition, the easy use of a Genie system, combined with its design features, such as the 8-inch touchscreen displaying water quality parameters, data traceability and convenient dispensing options, brings many benefits to the laboratory. Let our systems bring convenience and confidence to your daily work.

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