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What should I do when my lab is flooding? How can I prevent water leakage?

A flood in a lab? Yes, it does happen when a certain of lab equipment, such as water purification system, is broken unexpectedly, especially in wet labs! And floods in the laboratory are costly and can cause serious damage, disruption, and even personal injury. Thus, avoiding laboratory from flooded is a must do. Today, let us explain the countermeasures for

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What is Electrodeionization (EDI)? How does Electrondeionizaton work?

What is Electrodeionization (EDI)? EDI technology has grown in popularity in water purification industry. It effectively removes impurities from water using a unique combination of semi-permeable membranes, ion exchange resins and a direct electric field. The ion exchange resins are continuously regenerated without the need of cleaning chemicals. To understand how the EDI purification technology actually works, let’s go down

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RephiLe Ships Genie Water Purification Systems to Support BGI Worldwide Fire Eye labs in the Fight against COVID-19

On Apr. 29, 2020,RephiLe shipped a second batch of Genie ultrapure water systems specifically manufactured for BGI Group’s Fire Eye (“Huo Yan”) laboratories. The Fire Eye Lab is a PCR based comprehensive testing lab for COVID-19 and helping the world combat the pandemic. This is the second order since RephiLe’s partnership with the BGI group, the world’s largest genome testing

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