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Which water purification systems can be selected for cell culture?

Based on years of experience from both our experts and clients, ultrapure water produced by RephiLe Genie G and Genie PURIST water purification systems can satisfy the water needs for cell culture without raising any significant problems. The general production of ultrapure water can be generated into four main steps: pre-treatment, polishing, storage and distribution, and this is basically how

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Water for Cell Culture | what type of water should be used for cell culture?

Water is extensively used in the key procedures of cell culture process. It is mainly used as a solvent in the preparation of buffers and media, other roles including the dissolution of additives and drugs, rinsing of bioreactors, plastic ware and glassware, etc… Contaminants in water may influence the growth, morphology as well as behavior of cultured cells, thereby affecting

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