Discover the Benchtop High-output Water Systems: Large Genie makes its first debut on Pittcon 2023

After a long wait, Pittcon Conference and Exposition, one of the world’s foremost analytical chemistry conferences, is finally returned. Pittcon 2023 took place from March 18th – 22nd, 2023 at the Pennsylvania Convention Centre in Philadelphia.

At the conference, RephiLe Bioscience showcased the brand-new benchtop high-output water system Large Genie. With the help of Large Genie, RephiLe will be able to provide modern laboratories with extensive laboratory pure water solutions.

Classics: Genie Series

Genie, RephiLe classic water purification system series, combines e-connection and advanced water purification technologies to consistently produce (ultra)pure water with tremendous reliability, featuring operation convenience and comprehensive system control. Developed based on an embedded operating system, Genie brings a large degree of flexibility and sustainability to laboratory users of the water systems. The Genie water system has been a hit since its introduction to the market.

Debut: Large Genie


The high-output Large Genie benchtop water system is an upgraded model of the Genie series. Despite its small size, Large Genie is capable of producing large volumes of purified water with reliable quality.


The Large Genie is an ideal solution for users who need large quantity high-quality pure water per day but have limited lab space. With a Large Genie water system, users can use their lab room more efficiently and enjoy numerous ancillary advantages associated with its small footprint. Most importantly, the system can potentially have a positive impact on overall operational costs and helps improve the profitability position of the facility.

Environmentally friendly-

Mercury-free germicidal UV LED (265 nm) lamp is equipped in the tank sanitization module of the Large Genie. It not only works efficiently but is also easy to replace.

Multiple configurations-

There are five different configurations- G, U, E, C, and R in this series. No matter the users need ultrapure water, EDI pure water, clinical laboratory reagent water, or RO water, they can always find one model that meets the requirement.

In addition to laboratory water systems, RephiLe presented an enriched product portfolio to the attendees of Pittcon 2023 during the show.

RephiLe provides two kinds of syringe filters, one is RephiQuik non-sterile single-layer filers and the other is RephiQuik Max multi-layer composite filters especially for filtering hard-to-filter or viscous samples prior to laboratory analysis.   The peristaltic pump with a simplified design is suitable for almost all general fluid transfer in a lab. The small footprint and one-handed light weight enable it to nicely integrate into a lab and save as much bench space as possible. The assembly includes one drive, one pump head, 2 meters of silicon tubing, and one power cord.

About RephiLe & Duoning:

RephiLe, Revolution in Filtration. RephiLe Bioscience designs and manufactures innovative and high-quality purification-based products for biotechnology and life science laboratories. Our offering includes laboratory ultrapure water systems, replacement consumables, and other filtration products. It is RephiLe’s commitment to helping our customers beyond the products which we manufacture.

Duoning is a one-stop solution provider in the field of the biopharmaceutical industry and laboratories. With an integrated product portfolio covering almost all major steps of biopharmaceutical manufacturing including plasmid construction, production of adeno-associated (AAV) vectors, and mRNA vaccines, Duoning aims to enhance customers’ productivity by offering fast and effective tools from bench through bioprocess production.