RephiLe Launches High Output Genie Water Systems

RephiLe Bioscience, a specialized provider of integral lab water purification solutions, recently announced the launch of a benchtop high output water systems series – Large Genie, which is designed to deliver up to 1,900 L pure water from tap water daily within a small footprint.

large genie high output water system_1

The large Genie water systems are extension to Genie bench-top water systems with a high output water production of up to 60 liters of EDI water and 80 liters of RO per hour. Even with its small footprint, the Large Genie is capable of producing large volumes of purified water with reliable quality and consistent performance. It is an ideal solution for users who need a larger quantity high-quality pure water per day but are challenged by lab space.

“The importance of ensuring the purity of water used in laboratories for experiments and research cannot be overstated. Even trace amounts of impurities or contaminants in the water can adversely affect the accuracy and reliability of experimental data. Laboratory water purification systems are designed to produce high-quality water that meets the stringent requirements of scientific applications.,” said Jeff, Chief Engineer at RephiLe Bioscience. “Our team has worked diligently to design an upgrade product that is not only reliable but also highly integrated and aesthetically pleasing.”

With a Large Genie, users can use the lab room more efficiently and enjoy numerous ancillary advantages associated with its small footprint. Most importantly, the system potentially can have a positive impact on overall operational costs and helps improve the profitability position of the facility. “Laboratory space nowadays is regarded as one of the most valuable resources, especially when it comes to labs with high water demands in a cramped space, a small-footprint high throughput water purification system is essential to help use lab space efficiently and strategically since every square foot counts. We are excited to debut the Large Genie, a technical challenging mini high-throughput water purification system to this market, and we expect that it can improve users’ work conditions and flexibility in the lab.” added Jeff.

large genie high output water system_3
large genie high output water system_3

There are five different configurations- G, U, E, R and C in the Large Genie series. No matter our users need ultrapure water, EDI pure water, RO water or clinical grade purified water, they can always find one model for their needs.

large genie high output water system_2

For further information on the Large Genie products, please visit RephiLe website or follow us on LinkedIn.