RephiDisc PES Membrane Disc Filter

Hydrophilic RephiDisc PES membranes have highly asymmetric structure, which lead to fast flow rates and high throughput. Other advantages of RephiDisc PES membranes include their relatively lower protein binding capacity than MCE or Nylon membrane and low extractable. They are suitable for a variety of environments except for some acids and bases. They are usually recommended for chromatography filtrations because they are almost free of extractable, which contributes no interference to chromatographic results .

Catalog No.: RCP2522H5, RCP4722NH, RCP5022NH, RCP2545H5, RCP4745NH, RCP5045NH

  • Not good for some acidic and basic solutions; Can be used with many sterile filtration devices
  • Pore size: 0.45 μm
  • Diameter size: 25/47/50 mm
  • Non-sterile but autoclavable
  • General clean and filtration
  • Sample Preparation
  • Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
  • Filtration of Aqueous and Organic Solutions
  • Fluid Monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical Products Analysis
  • Chromatography and Mass Spec Sample Prep
  • Venting and Gas Filtration
RephiDisc PES Membrane Disc Filter
Pore Size (μm) Diameter (mm) Units/Pk Catalog.No.
0.22 25 500 RCP2522H5
0.22 47 100 RCP4722NH
0.22 50 100 RCP5022NH
0.45 25 500 RCP2545H5
0.45 47 100 RCP4745NH
0.45 50 100 RCP5045NH