RephiQuik Max PTFE 32 mm Non-sterile Syringe Filters With Multi-layer Glass Fiber Prefilters

This 32 mm RephiQuik Max multi-layer composite syringe filter has progressive layers of glass fiber prefilters before the precision membrane for filtering hard-to-filter high particulate loaded or viscous samples. The multi-layer filter combines 3 layers of filtration media in a compact pigment-free polypropylene housing, including two layers of glass fiber prefilters integrated with a layer of fine membrane filter. RephiQuik Max multi-layer composite filters greatly reduce the need for multi-step filtration process when dealing with hard-to-filter samples. Less chance of blockage by samples with the RephiQuik Max filters results in increased volume throughput and faster filtration. These composite filters are able to process two-to-five times more sample volume in less time than conventional filters, significantly enhancing sample preparation efficiency.

Catalog No.: RJF3P22NH, RJF3P45NH

Main Applications
Ordering Information
  • 32 mm diameter for fast filtration of high particulate-loaded samples
  • Large capacity prefiltration stack of two progressive glass fiber layers in each unit 
  • PTFE membrane at pore size 0.22/0.45 µm
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 10 bar (145 psi) 
  • Color-coded on the housing
  • Pore sizes and membrane type are clearly printed on each unit   
  • Inlet female luer-lock, outlet male luer-slip
  • Package size: 100 per pack
Main Applications

General filtration of hard-to-filter or viscous samples, such as samples for

  • Ultra-cleaning samples containing strong solvents; acids and bases or any other chemically active material.
  • Dissolution testing
  • Buffer solutions
  • Concentration analysis
  • Environmental analysis
  • Pharmaceutical applications
Dimensions Diameters 32 mm
Effective Filtration Area 4.4 cm2
Length, Inlet to Outlet 26 mm
Housing Material Polypropylene (PP)
Membrane Material PTFE
Hydrophobicity Hydrophobic
Outer Ring Color Blue
Inlet Fittings Female   Luer-Lok
Outlet Fittings Male   Luer slip
Process Volume 10 - 100 mL
Hold-up Volume <250 µL
Maximum Operating Pressure 10 bar (145psi)
Maximum Operating Temperature 45 ºC
Ordering Information
Membrane Type Diameter (mm) Pore Size  (µm) Qty/PK Catalog No.
PTFE 32 0.22 100 RJF3P22NH
0.45 100 RJF3P45NH