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RephiDisc PVDF membranes are modified polymer with a hydrophilic characteristic. They are typically low in non-specific protein binding and relatively high flow rates. RephiDisc PVDF membranes are resistant to a broad range of common organic solvents and can be used in filtering a variety of samples, both aqueous and non-aggressive solvent-based solutions. They bind far less protein than Nylon, MCE and PTFE membranes. 

Catalog No.: RCV2522H5, RCV4722NH, RCV5022NH, RCV2545H5, RCV4745NH, RCV5045NH

Ordering Information
  • Recommended for aqueous HPLC samples filtrations; Sterile filtration of pharmaceutical streams
  • Pore size: 0.22/0.45 µm
  • Diameter size: 25/4750 mm
  • Non-sterile but autoclavable
  • General clean and filtration
  • Sample Preparation
  • Environmental Monitoring and Analysis
  • Filtration of Aqueous and Organic Solutions
  • Fluid Monitoring
  • Pharmaceutical Products Analysis
  • Chromatography and Mass Spec Sample Prep
  • Venting and Gas Filtration
Ordering Information

RephiDisc PVDF Membrane Disc Filter

Pore Size (μm) Diameter (mm) Units/PK Catalog.No.
0.22 25 500 RCV2522H5
0.22 47 100 RCV4722NH
0.22 50 100 RCV5022NH
0.45 25 500 RCV2545H5
0.45 47 100 RCV4745NH
0.45 50 100 RCV5045NH