Genie Water System, E

Genie E with dispenser
Genie E

Genie E EDI Pure Water System produces EDI water (Type II water) from tap water directly. Resistivity of the product water is above 5 MΩ•cm at 25 ℃ , which meets or exceeds Type II water quality as defined by ASTM, CAP, CLSI and ISO 3696 / BS 3997 and also complies with the purified water requirements from the European and U.S. Pharmacopoeia.

The system is CE/RoHS certified. RephiLe provides full documents support to meet user’s GMP, GSP, GAP, GCP, GLP requirements.

Catalog No. :
RG0E00500, RG0E01000, RG0E01500, RG0E0050R, RG0E0100R, RG0E0150R

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