Filtration Products

RephiLe offers quality Nylon, PTFE, PES, PVDF, MCE syringe filters/membranes for sample preparation.

RephiQuik Sterile Syringe Filters

RephiQuik disposable 32 mm sterile syringe filters are mainly used in the filtration of tissue culture media/additives, sterilizing buffers, sterilizing biological solutions or for other life science sample preparation applications.




RephiQuik Non-Sterile Syringe Filters

RephiQuik non-sterile syringe filter is a fast and efficient tool for analytical sample preparation. As a result of high quality polypropylene (PP) housing and low extractable membranes, the filters deliver broad chemical compatibility and excellent performance consistency.




RephiQuik Max Filters With Glass Fiber Prefilter

RephiQuik Max 32 mm non-sterile composite syringe filters provide excellent choices for filtering hard-to-filter high particulate loaded samples up to 100 ml (The volume of sample depends on the characteristic of the sample). They can process two-to-five times more sample volume in less time than conventional filters, significantly enhancing sample preparation efficiency.




RephiQuik Membrane Filters

RephiDisc membrane filters are available in a variety of materials such as MCE, Nylon,
PTFE, PES and PVDF. The selected membranes are low in extractables that you don’t have to worry about the secondary contamination from the membrane itself for your application.
All RephiDisc membranes filters are autoclavable.




50mm PTFE filter RJF502210, RJF502250

RephiQuik 50 mm PTFE Filter

RephiLe provides other filtration products, such as 50 mm PTFE air filters and 250 mL stainless steel filter holders.