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Genie Water System, PURIST

Genie PURIST ultrapure water system produces Type I ultrapure water from RO, distilled or deionized water.
Genie PURIST Water System Catalog No.: RG0S00000
Genie PURIST Water System with TOC Catalog No.: RG0S000T0

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Super-Genie Water System,U

The Super-Genie U Water System is specifically designed to produce large volumes of RO water and ultrapure water from tap water.
Super-Genie U150 Water System Catalog No.: RL0P01H00
Super-Genie U300 Water System Catalog No.: RL0P03H00
Super-Genie U150 Water System, with 100 L tank Catalog No.: RL0P01HT1
Super-Genie U300 Water System, with 100 L tank Catalog No.: RL0P03HT1

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