What warranty RephiLe replacement cartridges carry?

RephiLe replacement cartridges and accessories carry the same warranty as the original ones.  During our product validation, we validate and guarantee items listed in each Certificate of Quality. 

A cartridge’s useful life, whether is in time or in amount of water it processes, is heavily dependent on the quality of water source.  We tested our cartridges side by side against the original cartridge and found equivalent to or better than the original cartridges.  Its performance was also confirmed by a third-party testing center. 
If the cartridge is damaged during transportation, RephiLe offers a 30-day return and a 120-day change of the unused but damaged item.

About RephiLe:

Driven by innovation and quality, RephiLe is a dedicated provider of water purification systems and laboratory filtration products. At the same time, RephiLe produces comprehensive consumables that can be used in Millipore lab water systems with reliable performance. It is RephiLe’s commitment to becoming a partner of choice for customers in the area of life science and biotechnology. The company is striving to bring superior quality, high value and innovative purification tools to enable and accelerate the advancement of the life sciences and technologies. Products are being sold to over 90 countries worldwide.

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