Water Purification System Genie G at 3600 meters (12000 ft) high

Apr.28th, 2021, a Genie G lab water purification system was installed in a remote China CDC lab at 3600 meters altitude. At such an altitude, the company staff who paid a special visit to the lab experienced altitude sickness but the climate there doesn’t affect performance of Genie G at all.

A Genie G is a simple-to-use water system to generate Type I ultrapure & Type II EDI pure water for critical pure water applications. The user selected this integrated, reliable and sustainable laboratory water purification system to function as the pure water supply to its newly established PCR lab, a facility for the regional control of the COVID-19 pandemic.

water purification system Genie G at 3600 meters altitude
Water purification system Genie G at 3600 meters altitude

Genie water system are the new generation of laboratory water purification system from RephiLe. They utilize Internet of Things Technology to bring better user experience to your lab.

Benefits of Genie G ultrapure water systems include:

  • Wireless connection and 1+N mode
  • Easy traceability-consumables, accessories and water data quality
  • Water-proof touch screens, latex-glove-friendly   
  • On-line TOC measurement
  • Exceptionally consistent and predicable high purity of product water
  • Continuous tank water level monitoring
  • Tank circulation model for guaranteed tank water quality

For further information, click here: https://rephile.com/genie-g-ultrapure-edi-lab-water-systems/

About RephiLe:

Driven by innovation and quality, RephiLe is a dedicated provider of water purification systems and laboratory filtration products. At the same time, RephiLe produces comprehensive consumables that can be used in Millipore lab water systems with reliable performance. It is RephiLe’s commitment to becoming a partner of choice for customers in the area of life science and biotechnology. The company is striving to bring superior quality, high value and innovative purification tools to enable and accelerate the advancement of the life sciences and technologies. Products are being sold to over 100 countries worldwide.