OceanXplorer Selects Rephile Bioscience for Lab Water Purification

“OceanX will conduct groundbreaking scientific studies about life in the ocean, which will be facilitated and significantly streamlined by mission-critical equipment like the Genie U system. The laboratories on board OceanXplorer mirror the design and capability of those found at major research institutions, and we are excited to have this system in place as we explore and study our underwater world.” – Mattie Rodrigue, Science Program Lead, OceanX

For anyone who has a love for the marine world, passion for science, desire to explore and understand its vital link to all other forms of life, we encourage one to visit the OceanX website. Here you will understand the passion that thrives amongst an amazing Team that is dedicated to the exploration of our marine world and the profound impact it has on our entire planet. We at Rephile Bioscience are extremely honored to be selected as the water purification system for the OceanXplorer laboratories. The information in this article has been pulled from OceanXplorer’s PDF that can be found on their website. It is extremely well written, has amazing photography, and provides an outstanding overview of OceanXplorer capabilities and missions. Enjoy.

“To explore the ocean and bring it back to the world is the mission of the OceanX Team. We access the most unreachable parts of the ocean aboard the most advanced exploration and media vessel ever built.

Capable of exploring the most unreachable places on Earth, OceanXplorer pushes the limits of discovery and broadcasts it for the world to see. OceanXplorer was built to help OceanX realize its core mission of exploring the ocean and bringing it back to the world. The vessel was designed and constructed to push the boundaries of ocean exploration, to facilitate groundbreaking scientific research, and to document stories of discovery to share with the public worldwide. OceanXplorer will provide access to the most advanced research and analytical tools in the world, including advanced submersibles, ROV, AUV, chemical, biological, and geophysical sampling tools and a centralized data integration system. These tools allow scientists to conduct incredibly comprehensive marine research and data analysis, all onboard.

OceanXplorer’s fully-equipped “floating research institution” will allow scientists from marine institutions around the globe to comprehensively characterize the ecosystem’s geological, oceanographic, and biological qualities from surface to seafloor.”

The Rephile Bioscience Genie U Water purification system was selected as the laboratory water purification unit to provide the highest purity water for ultra critical biological and chemical applications on board.

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Genie U Water System

Integrated Science and Media Like Never Before

OceanXplorer can be deployed to survey an unexplored ecosystem and characterize its unique geological and biological features. Arriving in the study area, sonar systems onboard can be utilized to create a high-resolution 3D map of the bathymetry, including what’s under the seafloor. That data is processed and analyzed in real time aboard the vessel, allowing the team to strategically deploy our deep-sea assets: the subs, ROV, or both. If the survey finds an anomalistic feature, for example a possible active hydrothermal vent field, the ship’s CTD device can be used to “sniff” out the chemical signature that would triangulate the vent site location and provide details on its activity. Then, depending on the depth, we can deploy our ROV to fly down and show us, from a livestream camera feed, what that vent looks like.

Samples and species observed around the vent can be collected and brought onboard into our cold tank room and wet lab for identification, sorting, and filming. Unfamiliar species filmed from the subs or ROV can be collected and then undergo sample processing in our labs, including genetic sequencing to determine if the specimen collected represents the discovery of a new species. This entire integrated work-flow compresses the timeline of scientific discovery—whereas typically the process of mapping, to feature discovery, to sampling, to characterization would unfold over multiple missions over long time periods, OceanXplorer’s unique platform has the potential to bring both scientists and audiences along in real time.

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