After 4 years, RephiLe was back in analytica 2022

RephiLe presented at analytica 2022 in Munich, Germany from June 21 to 24. The new addition of water purification systems created with innovation and user-friendliness in mind as well as a new product line – bioprocess products were on show last week at this year’s analytica.

The four-year-later reconnection in person during this world’s leading trade fair was a huge success, with lasting impressions. RephiLe was glad to be back to share industrial insights and experiences with partners and users, harvesting lots of fond memories. During the show, RephiLe focused on the following highlights:

Ultrapure water solution for applications in extremely sensitive trace element analyses:

RephiLe launched Genie De-ion purification & dispensing kit as a final polishing kit after Genie ultrapure water system, combining ICP purification cartridges and hands-free dispensing. Using fresh ultrapure water preferably from a Genie G or Genie PURIST water system, the bi-functional kit not only further purifies upstream ultrapure water, but also can provide secure delivery of elemental controlled purified water for critical applications, such as ICP-MS, nano UHPLC, GF-ASS, and nano LC-MS, elemental contaminants down to ppt and sub-ppt levels.

New option of all-in-one water purification product line with competitive cost:

NuZar water system series is a unique addition to the RephiLe water purification product portfolio, specifically designed for laboratories that demand a balance between the cost of ownership and exceeding their purified water requirements. The NuZar water systems are powerful, intelligent, and compact. They are able to provide laboratory users with consistent water quality, effortless operation, user-friendly monitoring, and lower cost of ownership.

Duoning bioprocess products for both the biopharmaceutical industry and laboratories:

  • an extensive product selection comprising instruments, single-use consumables and services

RephiLe Bioscience, acting as a strategic partner of Duoning Biotechnology, was proud to introduce Duoning bioprocess products to customers from the biotech area.  The bioprocess solutions provided by Duoning intend to help customers to enhance productivity, elevate quality and get the workflow right from the very beginning through production.  

RephiLe would like to say thanks to all our partners and visitors for rejoining us at analytica and hope you enjoy the show this year. We are so pleased to meet and have an amazing time with you. Looking forward to next time. See ya in 2024.

About RephiLe & Duoning:

RephiLe, Revolution in Filtration. RephiLe Bioscience designs and manufactures innovative and high-quality purification-based products for biotechnology and life science laboratories. Our offering includes laboratory ultrapure water systems, replacement consumables, and other filtration products. It is RephiLe’s commitment to helping our customers beyond the products which we manufacture.

Duoning is a one-stop solution provider in the field of the biopharmaceutical industry and laboratories. With an integrated product portfolio covering almost all major steps of biopharmaceutical manufacturing including plasmid construction, production of adeno-associated (AAV) vectors, and mRNA vaccines, Duoning aims to enhance customers’ productivity by offering fast and effective tools from bench through bioprocess production.