RephiLe attends CAS 2022 annual meeting

On October 30th, 2022, RephiLe Bioscience, part of DuoNing, one of the main sponsors, attended the Chinese Antibody Society (CAS) 2022 annual meeting in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The 2022 Annual Conference was the first in-person event of the Chinese Antibody Society since the pandemic started. The topic of the CAS 2022 Annual Conference was: “AntibodyPlus: next generation antibody-based biologics.” The Chinese Antibody Society is aimed to provide a platform for accelerating antibody-based therapies research and development, and strive to make an active contribution to the global therapeutic antibody research and development community.

CAS-Chinese Antibody Society-2

Our newly launched water purification system, NuZar Q was introduced to the audience and gained their interest.

CAS-Chinese Antibody Society-3

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