Misunderstandings about purification cartridges in water purification systems

There are some common misunderstandings about using water purification systems. As the saying “Small details make big differences.” goes, neglecting these unsafe habits can lead to a shorter lifetime of the systems, higher operating costs, water leakage, or even damage to applications in your lab. On that account, we list out some answers to the most frequently asked questions about purification cartridges from our users. Let us use them correctly in order to guarantee the product water quality of your water purification systems as well as improved reliability of your experiment results.

Question 3: The more polishing resin packed in a purification cartridge; the longer lifetime it has.

Answer: It is not as simple as it looks.  It is better to use the concept of effective exchange (or dynamic exchange) capacity in order to explain this question.

The lifetime of a purification cartridge, or the maximum capacity of pure water it can treat, is not only subject to the amount of the polishing resin packed inside but also related to other defining factors, such as resin properties, the quality of the feed water, flow rate, flow path and so on. And It can be calculated by the following formula.

Misunderstanding about purification cartridges
Max capacity for water treatment formula

V: the maximum capacity for water treatment (unit: L)

E: the effective exchange capacity of the purification cartridge (usually expressed as equivalent grams of sodium chloride, unit: g)

n: the number of the purification cartridges

a: the amount of the ions in the feed water (g/L)

b: the amount of the CO2 in the feed water (g/L) So, it is not difficult to understand that the lifetime of a cartridge is related to the amount of exchange resin, but they are definitely not directly proportional.

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