UV Irradiation Method

UV Irradiation
UV Irradiation is another technology which can be applied to water purification for Bacteria & Organics. These technology uses high intensity ultra-violet radiation to destroy bacteria and other micro-organisms and to cleave and ionize any organic compounds for subsequent removal by ion exchange cartridges. Radiation with a wavelength of 254 nm has the greatest bactericidal action, while radiation at shorter wavelengths (185 nm) is most effective for the oxidation of organics.

UV Irradiation Work Theory:

UV Irradiation Work Theory

Photo-Oxidation Action 

Germicidal Action (254 nm)

Germicidal Action (254 nm)

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What are the benefits of UV Technology?
· Conversion of traces of organic contaminants to charged species and ultimately CO2 (185 + 254)
· Limited destruction of micro-organisms and viruses (254)
· Limited energy use
· Easy to operate