RephiLe Offers Repair Services for Millipore Integral / Advantage Range PCB Boards and Power Boards

From now on, RephiLe can provide repair services for failed control boards and power boards of a number of Millipore water systems and warrant full functionality of repaired boards for 6 months after service.  

Here below is a list of the boards that can be repaired by RephiLe:

  Catalog No.  Description  Millipore systems
  ZF3000022  PCB ELIX/RiOs INTERFACE  RiOs (96/Century)  Elix (96/century)
  ZF3000023  PCB MILLI-Q INTERFACE  Milli-Q (96/Century)
  ZF3000405  ZF3000487  MQ ADV_REF PWR BOARD  Milli-Q Advantage  Milli-Q Reference
  ZF3000406  MQ ADV MAIN CONTROL BOARD  Milli-Q Integral (3/5/10/15)  Milli-Q Direct(8/16)  Milli-Q Advantage  Milli-Q Reference  Elix Advantage(3/5/10/15)  Elix Reference(3/5/10/15)
  ZF3000433  MQ INT POWER SUPPLY BOARD  Milli-Q Integral (3/5/10/15)  Milli-Q Direct (8/16)  Elix Advantage  Elix Reference(3/5/10/15)

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