RephiLe launches NuZar C and NuZar C-DI water purification systems to Produce Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water for Clinical Analyzers

RephiLe has recently expanded its offering of NuZar water systems by introducing two new models – NuZar C24 and NuZar C-DI to the market. NuZar C24 uses tap water as the feed while NuZar C-DI uses purified water as feed water to produce clinical-grade water. Both new products aim to work as the consistent and reliable purified water source for bench top clinical analyzers or multiple analyzers with a competitive cost of ownership.

Water purity is of great importance in all aspects of clinical analyzer operation including chemistry, immunochemical, molecular diagnostics, and device washing. “We are excited to introduce NuZar C24 and NuZar C-DI to users in the clinical area. Both products are developed by integrating proven water purification technologies, advanced control and monitoring functions, and they will bring in-demand features with reliability and low-maintenance cost.” Says the head of R&D of RephiLe, Jeff. The product water quality fulfills the critical needs within the clinical laboratory, in compliance with CLSI Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) quantitative standards.

Key features of the systems include:

  • Stability and reliability for uninterrupted pure water supply. The systems have comprehensive quality monitoring management after every purification stage with precisely controlled levels of purity.
  • High product water quality above CLRW Specifications. The typical resistivity of the product water is over 16 MΩ­·cm at 25 °C. A 0.22 um PES filter or an ultrafiltration filter for pyrogen removal can be used at the analyzer inlet for better bacterial control.  
  • In addition to the direct feed loop to the analyzer, ultrapure water can be dispensed from the on-board remote dispenser for other applications.
  • Straightforward operation. Easy installation, maintenance and replacement of consumables. Intuitive display of water quality and other necessary information for control can be viewed from the 2.4” color touch screen on a separate dispenser of the system, which changes color to highlight message importance. 
  • Automatic up-to-2-year data backup capability and multiple interfaces of data transfer for clinical laboratories that have traceability requirements for accreditation
  • Cost-effectiveness thanks to highly efficient cartridges and optimized flow path design. RFID record of consumables lifetime guarantees predictable replacements to avoid any unnecessary running costs.
  • Compact, small footprint and adaptable configurations, easily to go with other equipment in a lab with maximum installation flexibilities. The system can be installed wherever the users need – wall-mounted, on the bench or under the sink.

There is an integral 10-liter HDPE reservoir for NuZar C24 system, easily extendable to 30/60/100/350 L tank with an optional tank sanitization module if required. 

About RephiLe & Duoning:

RephiLe, Revolution in Filtration. RephiLe Bioscience designs and manufactures innovative and high-quality purification-based products for biotechnology and life science laboratories. Our offering includes laboratory ultrapure water systems, replacement consumables, and other filtration products. It is RephiLe’s commitment to helping our customers beyond the products which we manufacture.

Duoning is a one-stop solution provider in the field of the biopharmaceutical industry and laboratories. With an integrated product portfolio covering almost all major steps of biopharmaceutical manufacturing including plasmid construction, production of adeno-associated (AAV) vectors, and mRNA vaccines, Duoning aims to enhance customers’ productivity by offering fast and effective tools from bench through bioprocess production.