RephiLe now Offers 32 mm Multi-layer Composite Syringe Filters, RephiQuik Max

RephiLe officially introduces RephiQuik Max, a brand new 32 mm multi-layer composite syringe filtration product to the market. RephiQuik Max is specially designed and fabricated for the application of filtering hard-to-filter high particulate loaded or viscous samples prior to laboratory analysis. 

Two layers of glass fiber prefilters are integrated with a layer of uniform 0.22 um / 0.45 um membrane filter, with combination of extremely low extractable polypropylene housing, RephiQuik Max 32 mm multi-layer syringe filters’ performance are maximized. With addition of glass fiber prefilters, RephiQuik Max filters exhibits significantly greater throughput and faster flow rates. Furthermore, the construction of this new product manufactured by RephiLe reduces blockage and leads to a bigger sample loading capacity compared with the normal single layer syringe filters.

Product Features:
-Increased volume throughput and flow rates
-Extended usage life and reduced cost
-Convenient, less hand pressure required

-General filtration of hard-to-filter or viscous samples
-HPLC aqueous sample preparation
-Dissolution testing
-Buffer solutions
-Concentration analysis
-Environmental samples
-Food and beverage
-Biological sample preparation
-Tissue culture media

RephiQuik Max 32mm multi-layer syringe filters are available with 5 types of membranes (Nylon, PES, PTFE, PVDF and MCE) and they will provide an excellent choice for filtering heavily particulate-loaded or viscous samples up to 100 ml.

About RephiLe:

Driven by innovation and quality, RephiLe is a dedicated provider of water purification systems and laboratory filtration products. At the same time, RephiLe produces comprehensive consumables that can be used in Millipore lab water systems with reliable performance. It is RephiLe’s commitment to becoming a partner of choice for customers in the area of life science and biotechnology. The company is striving to bring superior quality, high value and innovative purification tools to enable and accelerate the advancement of the life sciences and technologies. Products are being sold to over 90 countries worldwide.