Who is the “key man” in an ultrapure water purification system?

An integrated ultrapure water purification system, such as Genie G, contains multiple purification technologies. In order to provide consistent and stable ultrapure water quality, a powerful ultrapure cartridge is essential among the “final polishing” step of ultrapure water production.

When speaking of ultrapure water, most customers will think of two important concepts: resistivity and TOC value. However, do you know that besides these indicator parameters, there are still different ultrapure water grades for every application? In reality, more sophisticate specification needs to be paid attention to when choosing a suitable water purification system to best fit your specific needs.

RephiLe Bioscience provides a wide range of ultrapure cartridges (U Pack), which are made of different recipes of purification media to perfectly match the water quality required by even the high technical-challenging users.

General type: used for conventional experiments

Low TOC type: highly sensitive experiments to TOC level

Low Boron type: element analysis

ICP type: ICP-MS, ppt-grade analysis

Low Mg type: NGS high-throughput sequencing

DI Feed type: Feedwater with high particle content

A wide range of ultrapure cartridges-U Pack
A wide range of ultrapure cartridges

With Genie U Pack (ultrapure cartridge), the optimized flow design improves the stability of water quality and efficiency of polishing resins. The cartridges can stand high pressure (as high as 20 par) with proprietary sealing, and double O-rings to ensure operating confidence. Three verifications are included to provide worry-free installation: color, label, and RFID recognition.

Ultrapure cartridge worry-free installation
Ultrapure cartridge worry-free installation

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