BU MBA Team to Conduct an International Marketing Project for RephiLe

A team from Boston University’s International MBA Program came to RephiLe Shanghai and will conduct a consulting project on marketing. As an annual event, RephiLe invites international experts to discuss and provide detailed analysis and insightful advices to improve and accelerate overall business growth of RephiLe. This year’s project will focus on international marketing and brand building. This group will work closely with RephiLe’s management team and marketing department on this project for the next three months.

About RephiLe:

Driven by innovation and quality, RephiLe is a dedicated provider of water purification systems and laboratory filtration products. At the same time, RephiLe produces comprehensive consumables that can be used in Millipore lab water systems with reliable performance. It is RephiLe’s commitment to becoming a partner of choice for customers in the area of life science and biotechnology. The company is striving to bring superior quality, high value and innovative purification tools to enable and accelerate the advancement of the life sciences and technologies. Products are being sold to over 90 countries worldwide.