Water Softener System

Automatic softener uses ion exchange resin to soften the inlet water to protect the RO membrane and EDI module. The system can be set up by using the actual feed water conditions for the module to optimize regenerating the resin and softening the water. The system is also suitable for industrial or lab instruments (pure water systems, water bath kettles, ice machines etc.) to prevent scaling. It’s strongly recommended to be used in areas with a hard water supply.

Purification Technologies: 

  • Ion exchange resin for removing CaCO3 and MgCO3.

Suitable for:

Order Information:

Description Catalog No.r
200 lph Water Softener kit LAB200AT
500 lph Water Softener kit LAB500AT
1000 lph Water Softener kit LAB1000AT
1500 lph Water Softener kit LAB1500AT
Pellet Salt, 10 kg/pk LABSA1010