Vent Filter with CO2 Trap (S.D.S. Storage System), replace TANKVNT02

Vent Filter with CO2 Trap (S.D.S. Storage System) RATANKVT2, replace TANKVNT02

RephiLe Catalog No.: RATANKVT2
Millipore Catalog No.: TANKVNT02

Product Description: 

The vent filter is designed to filter air entering a storage tank to protect pure water stored in
the tank from airborne contamination.

Suitable for water systems:

Large Elix & RiOs

Super-Genie G (Jan., 2020 – now)

Super-Genie U (Jan., 2020 – now)

Super-Genie E (Jan., 2020 – now)

Super-Genie R (Jan., 2020 – now)