RephiTEKT X Prefiltration System for Super-Genie Water System

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RephiTEKT X is an all-in-one pretreatment cart that integrates quartz sand sediment filter, activated carbon, softener, PP particle filter and booster pump (optional) together. If selected, installation of the prefiltration device is very easy and fully utilized Super-Genie’s control function. It is designed to remove particles, colloids, organic compounds, microorganisms, etc. to protect RO membranes and downstream purification components in a water system, thereby ensuring reliable system operation, improved system service life and lower operating cost.


  • Speed-fit push-in connections. Quick and convenient installation and easy cartridge exchange
  • Carefully selected high capacity purification medias for guaranteed quality
  • Inlet and outlet pressure indicators for monitoring the cartridge life
  • Highly compact set-up and space-saving


Catalog No. LABKT1000 and LABKT100P (with a booster pump)
Motor/Voltage 220 V, 50 HZ / 220 V, 60 HZ
Power (W) 600
Operate temperature (oC) 5 – 45
Flow rate (L/h) 1000
Dimensions L x D x H 90 x 70 x 120 cm 35.4 x 27.6 x 47.2 in
Weight 230 kg
Inlet diameter 1 ” NPTF
Outlet and drain diameter 3/4 ” NPTF

Purification Technologies: 

  • Quartz sand for removing colloids, pigment, heavy metal ions.
  • Activated carbon for free chlorine reduction and bacteriostatic protection
  • Softener for removing CaCO3 or MgCO3 crystals to reduce the hardness of tap water.
  • PP particle filters for removing large suspended particles, colloids and larger color causing organics in feed water.

Suitable for Super-Genie water systems:

Order Information:

Description Catalog No.
Prefiltration cart with sediment, AC canisters, softner and 20″ filters, 3/4 inch LABKT1000
Prefiltration cart with sediment, AC canisters, softner, 20″ filters and booster pump, 3/4 inch LABKT100P