RephiTEKT Prefilter Support (no cartridge)

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RephiTEKT Prefiltration System

RephiTEKT Prefilter Support (no cartridge) RW50211KT is an easy and convenient prefiltration pack. It is designed to remove particles, colloids, organic compounds, microorganisms, etc. to protect RO membranes and downstream purification components in a water system, thereby ensuring reliable system operation, improved system service life and lower operating cost.


  • Speed-fit push-in connections. Quick and convenient installation and easy cartridge exchange
  • Thermally welded cartridges for higher operating pressure. Lower risk of water leakage and extractable associated with adhesives
  • Carefully selected high capacity purification medias for guaranteed quality
  • Inlet and outlet pressure indicators for monitoring the cartridge life
  • Highly compact set-up and space-saving

Purification Technologies: 

  • Anti-scaling Reagent

The anti-scaling compound used in a RephiTEKT pack prevents the development of large CaCO3 or MgCO3 crystals by disturbing their growth, thereby protecting RO membranes in lab water systems from scaling and attack by hard salt precipitates.

  • Activated carbon

Activated carbon contains numerous tiny pores and a surface area of about 1000 square meters per gram. It can remove chlorine residues, chloramine, most residual oxides and other soluble material by adsorption and chemical reactions, so they prevent contaminates from attacking RO membranes, damaging membrane filters as well as ion exchange resins.

  • Microporous Depth Filters

Microporous depth filters provide a physical barrier to the passage of particles by random adsorption or attraction, so as to prevent large suspended particles, colloids and larger color-causing organics in feed water from reaching into the system. They help to maintain the satisfactory performance and longevity of any downstream purification technologies.

Suitable for:

Order Information:

Description Catalog No.
RephiTEKT Prefilter Support (no cartridge) RW50211KT
RephiDuo PreFilter, 4/PK LAB02CP04
RephiDuo PreFilter cartridge w/o anti-scaling reagent, 4/PK LAB02NP04