RephiQuik 32 mm Sterile PVDF Syringe Filter

32mm PVDF Sterile Filter RJV3222SH, RJV3245SH

RephiQuik 32 mm PVDF Sterile Filter RJV3222SH/RJV3245SH is a composition of specially manufactured hydrophilic PVDF membranes and high-quality polypropylene (PP) housing. PVDF membrane brings the benefits of lowest protein and preservative binding level and high sample recovery ratio among all membranes; making 32 mm RephiQuik PVDF Sterile Syringe Filters the ideal choices of filtering genetically engineered products and other protein solutions. They are mainly used in filtration of tissue culture media / additives and sterilizing biological solutions. Its unique design ensures no leakage of particles to the down-stream side of the membrane. Compared with usual 25 mm syringe filters, 32 mm RephiQuik 32 mm PVDF Sterile Filter RJV3222SH/RJV3245SH brings at least 20% more effective filtration area (4.4 cm2) while 20% lower hold-up volume (below 80 µL).

Catalog No.: RJV3222SH, RJV3245SH

Ordering Information
  • Low non-specific protein and preservative binding & high sample recovery percentage
  • Well suited for filtration of tissue culture media / additives and sterilizing biological solutions
  • 32 mm diameter for quick filtration of samples up to 100 mL
  • Pore sizes 0.22/0.45 µm
  • Maximum operating pressure up to 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Yellow color-coded on the housing; Pore sizes and membrane type are clearly printed on each unit
  • Inlet female luer-lok, outlet male luer-slip
  • Package size: individually packaged, 100 units per pack
Diameters 32 mm
Effective Filtration Area 4.4 cm2
Length, Inlet to outlet 26 mm
Housing material Polypropylene (PP)
Inlet Fittings Female Luer-Lok
Outlet Fittings Male Luer slip
Maximum Process Volume 100 mL
Hold-up Volume (after air purge) ≤ 80 μL
Maximum Operating Pressure 7 bar (100 psi)
Maximum Operating Temperature 45 ℃
Sterilization Method EO
Ordering Information

RephiQuik 32mm Sterile PVDF Syringe Filter

Out ring Color Pore Size (μm) Diameter (mm) Units/PK Catalog No.
Yellow 0.22 32 100 RJV3222SH
Yellow 0.45 32 100 RJV3245SH