PURIST Pro Water System

PURIST Pro Ultrapure Water System is a newly developed intelligent ultrapure water system with advanced remote control and diagnosis functions, taking advantage of modern information technology. It produces Type I ultrapure water from RO, distilled or deionized water. 

Quality of ultrapure water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI and ISO Type I water standards. The system is CE and RoHS-certified.

Catalog No.: RS220PNUV, RS220PNTV

Main Applications
Ordering Information
  • On-line TOC monitor based on complete oxidation methods (for TOC models)
  • RephiBlue mobile App for remote control and monitoring
  • Feed water conductivity monitor for an optimal consumables life spam
  • Various final filters (optional) can ensure ultrapure water without particles, bacteria or pyrogen
  • A high capability dual wavelength UV lamp for efficient control of TOC level
  • Built-in liquid level sensor access ports compatible for a variety of tanks
  • Ultra purification cartridge is filled with LeFilTM and OrganeFilTM media to remove trace ions and organics
  • Various types of cartridges have been developed to best satisfy different application needs. You can customize your water quality with PURIST Pro from a complete group of selections
  • The volumetric function can automatically set and deliver the water volume (From 0.1 L to 99.9 L) you need
  • With the adjusting button on the control console and the dispenser, you can dispense water at the flow rate you need from drops up to 2 liters per minute
  • The system is CE/RoHS certified
  • RephiLe provides full documents support to meet user’s GMP, GSP, GAP, GCP, GLP requirements
Main Applications
  • HPLC mobile phase preparation
  • Preparation of reagent blank solutions
  • As sample diluent for GC, HPLC, ICP-MS, AA and other analytical techniques
  • Preparation of buffers and culture media for mammalian cell culture
  • Preparation of molecular biology reagents, etc.
Feed Water Requirements
Feed water EDI water, RO water, Distilled water, Deionized water
Operating temperature 5 - 35℃
Feed water pressure * 0 - 1 bar (0 - 15 psi)
Product Water Quality
Flow rate (@ 25℃ ) Up to 2 L/min
Resistivity (@ 25℃ ) 18.2 MΩ•cm
TOC level ** < 5 ppb
Particles (> 0.2 μm) No particles (with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)
Microorganisms < 0.01 cfu/ml (with a 0.2 μm final filter or RephiBio filter)
Pyrogens (endotoxins) < 0.001 Eu/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
RNase < 0.5 pg/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
DNase < 10 pg/ml (with a RephiBio filter)
Main system
Length × Depth × Height
30 cm × 48 cm × 51 cm
Dispenser Diameter x Height 22 cm × 74 cm
Power < 150 W

* It's recommended to use a pressure regulator if feed water pressure is above 15 psi (1 bar)

** When TOC Level of feed water is < 50 ppb
Ordering Information

Water System

Description Catalog No.
PURIST Pro Ultrapure Water System, 100 - 240 V, with dispenser RS220PNUV
PURIST Pro Ultrapure Water System, 100 - 240 V, with dispenser and TOC RS220PNTV
Remote Dispenser RSP0U000N

Cartridges and Final Filters

Description Catalog No.
RephiDuo H Pack Cartridge RR300Q201
RephiDuo U Pack Cartridge RR600Q201
RephiDuo U Pack Cartridge with a 0.2 µm Capsule Filter RR600Q2KT
RephiDuo U Pack, Low TOC RR600Q301
RephiDuo U Pack, Low TOC with a 0.2 µm final filter RR600Q3KT
0.2 µm PES high flux capsule filter RAFFC0250
RephiBio filter RAFFB0201

System Accessories

Description Catalog No.
Wall mount kit for Direct-Pure systems RASP532
Remote dispenser with sensor RSP0U000N
Remote dispenser with TOC RSP0U000S
Dual wavelength 185/254 nm UV lamp RAUV357B1
Pressure Regulator kit RAPR58562

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