Prefiltration Kit (2-stage)

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Prefiltration Kit (2-stage) RW10211KT is designed to remove particles, colloids, organic compounds and free chlorine from tap water. This protects the reverse osmosis (RO) membrane against mineral scaling, organic fouling and chlorine oxidation.

Purification Technologies: 

  • Softener for removing Ca2+ and Mg2+ to prevent scaling.
  • Activated carbon for free chlorine reduction and bacteriostatic protection
  • Depth-filtration for particles removal

Suitable for Direct-Pure water systems:

Order Information:

Description Catalog No.
Prefiltration Kit (2-stage) RW10211KT

Reorder Information:

What to order depends on the quality of local tap water. If water is hard (high in calcium), you may choose to order the softener filter. If the water contains high chlorine, you may want to choose an activated carbon filter.