NuZar RO pack

NuZar RO pack  RR71R15N1 RR71R20N1

NuZar RO Pack is designed to reduce most of the ions, organic carbons and particulates.

Catalog No.: RR71R15N1, RR71R20N1

Purification Technologies:

Reverse Osmosis

Technical Specifications:

Burst pressure≥20bar
Flow rate≥16 L/hr(Feed pressure ≥ 3.4 bar)
≥24 L/hr(Feed pressure ≥ 3.4 bar)
Height393.8 mm
Diameterφ90 mm

Suitable for water systems:

NuZar water system set, U24

NuZar water system set, E10

NuZar water system set, H24

NuZar water system set, R24

Ordering Information:

DescriptionCatalog No.
NuZar RO Pack, 16 L/hrRR71R15N1
NuZar RO Pack, 24 L/hrRR71R20N1