Genie ICP pack

Genie ICP Pack RR700QICP is designed for Genie De-ion Purification & Dispensing Kit to remove ionic and organic contaminants below trace level or ultra-trace level to match the water quality required for your critical application.

Catalog No.: RR700QICP

Purification Technologies: 

  • Ion-exchange resins for removing trace level ionic contaminants
  • Activated carbon for trace level of organic contaminants

Technical Specifications:

Burst pressure≥20bar
Flow rate≥2 L/min(Feed pressure ≥ 2 bar)
Height393.8 mm
Diameterφ90 mm
Dynamic capacity≥30 g NaCl

 Suitable for Genie water systems:

Genie De-ion Purification & Dispensing Kit

Order Information:

DescriptionCatalog No.
Genie ICP PackRR700QICP

*It is recommended that the Genie ICP Pack RR700QICP and the 0.1 um PES Capsule Filter, 2.5 inch RAFC02101 are replaced at the same time to maintain the required water quality.