Dispenser kit with anchor on system for Genie water system

This distributor provides an integrated solution for laboratory water. It provides operating the system and monitoring water quality in real time, including water resistance/conductivity, toC and temperature. The distributor is compactly designed and easy to use. It can be connected to the system wirelessly or wirelessly.


  • Built-in high-precision resistance sensor with a 0.01 cm-1 cellular constant to measure ultrapure water quality just before the distribution point
  • Volumetric distribution: The volume distributed can be set between 0.1 and 99.9 litres. The exemption automatically stops when there is no water in the tank.
  • The distribution rate can be adjustable up to 2 L/min.
  • Volumetric calibration. The accuracy of the distribution volume can be calibrated by the user.
  • A compact dispenser that allows one-handed operation and control.
  • Opera with wet gloves and hands.
  • Various final filters can be attached to the dispenser, either 0.22 micron or endotoxin removal filter modules or special application filters to ensure ultrapure water without particles, bacteria or pyrogens.
  • The design of the dispenser handle can be attached to the main system that saves laboratory space.

Product specifications:

Length of piping 0.9 m
Running tension 24 VDC

Suitable for Genie water systems:

Order information:

Description Catalogue No.
Genius Distributor RG0P0U003