Recirculation module, pump included

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Recirculation module, pump included, RATK20450/RATK20460 are used to deliver water to point of use and guarantee the water quality in the loop.


  • The distribution system includes loop UV, loop filters, loop resistivity / conductivity sensor and so on. Provides top-quality and stable distributed water through the loop.
  • The system provides overall control and monitoring within the distribution network to ensure the quality of loop water reliable.
  • Built-in loop UV can keep bacteria of loop water in a low level.
  • Integrated loop filters can remove particles and microorganism.
  • Loop resistivity / conductivity sensor monitors the water quality in the loop return.
  • Flow rate control guarantees water velocity in the distribution loop for control of bacteria.
  • Can set the working time each day for the distribution pump (for RephiLe water system).
  • Easy installation and maintenance.

Suitable for Super-Genie water systems:

Order Information:

Description Catalog No.
Recirculation module, pump included, 230V/50Hz RATK20450
Recirculation module, pump included, 220V/60Hz RATK20460