Dispenser Kit

Dispenser Kit
Dispenser Kit

This dispenser provides an integrated solution for lab water. It provides volumetric dispensing, system operating status and real time water quality monitoring, including water resistivity/conductivity, TOC and temperature. The dispenser is compactly designed and easy to operate. It can be connected to the system via wired or wireless.


  • Built-in-high precision resistivity sensor with a cell constant of 0.01 cm-1 to measure the quality of ultrapure water just prior to the dispensing point.
  • Volumetric dispensing: volume dispensed can be set between 0.1 and 99.9 liters. Dispense will automatically stop when there is no water in the tank.
  • Dispensing rate can be adjustable up to 2 L/min.
  • Volumetric calibration. Accuracy of dispensing volume can be calibrated by user.
  • 360 degree-rotatable handle and detachable from its support for effortless and instant dispensing with maximum flexibility.
  • Distance of the dispenser to the system is no longer limited by the length of the cables.
  • Compact dispenser allowing one handed operation and control.
  • Operable with gloves and wet hands.
  • Various final filters can be attached to the dispenser, either 0.22 micron or endotoxin removal filter modules or special application filters to ensure ultrapure water without particles, bacteria or pyrogen.
  • Design of dispenser handle can be set on the dispenser stand, on the main system, or even hanging onto other places for easy handling.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions Width × depth × height 21 × 29 × 61 cm (8.3 × 11.4 × 24.0 in)
Weight 5 kg
Tubing Length 3 m
Operating Voltage 24 VDC

Suitable for Genie water systems:

Order Information:

Description Catalog No.
Dispenser Kit RG0P0U001
Wireless Dispenser Upgrade Kit RG0P0U012