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RephiQuik Max PTFE 32 mm Composite Syringe Filters

32 mm diameter for fast filtration of high particulate-loaded samples Large capacity prefiltration stack of two progressive glass fiber layers in each unit  PTFE membrane at pore size 0.22/0.45 µm Maximum operating pressure up to 10 bar (145 psi)  Color-coded on the housing Pore sizes and membrane type are clearly printed on each unit    Inlet female luer-lock, outlet male

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RephiQuik 50 mm PTFE Filter

RephiQuik 50 mm PTFE filter is a ready-to-connect venting filter with a hydrophobic PTFE membrane. It is used in sterilization of fermenter air and the filtration of incubator gas to prevent culture media contamination. The filters are also well suitable for sterilization or filtration of an aggressive organic solution with high chemical resistance. Moreover,It can be used between a pump

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