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RephiQuik 32 mm Sterile PVDF Syringe Filter

32 mm RephiQuik PVDF Sterile Syringe Filters are composition of specially manufactured hydrophilic PVDF membranes and high-quality polypropylene (PP) housing. PVDF membrane brings the benefits of lowest protein and preservative binding level and high sample recovery ratio among all membranes; making 32 mm RephiQuik PVDF Sterile Syringe Filters the ideal choices of filtering genetically engineered products and other protein solutions.

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316L Bi-layer Stainless Steel Filter Holder

316L Bi-Layer Stainless Steel Filter Holder with top lid, for 47 mm filter membranes. Two membranes of different pore sizes are placed one over the other in sequence, which allows for the sequential filtration through two filters in a single step using the same sample. Catalog No.: RX02047KT, RX0104701, RX0104702, RX0104703, RX0104705, RX0104706, RX0104707, RX0104708

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RephiQuik 50 mm PTFE Filter

RephiQuik 50 mm PTFE filter is a ready-to-connect venting filter with a hydrophobic PTFE membrane. It is used in sterilization of fermenter air and the filtration of incubator gas to prevent culture media contamination. The filters are also well suitable for sterilization or filtration of an aggressive organic solution with high chemical resistance. Moreover,It can be used between a pump

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