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RephiSolo U Pack TEX, replace QTUM0TEX1

RephiSolo U Pack TEX M1001MTEX, replace Quantum TEX QTUM0TEX1 RephiLe Catalog No.: M1001MTEXMillipore Catalog No.: QTUM0TEX1 Product Descriptions: This product is designed for removing ionic and organic contaminants below trace level to match the water quality required for your application. Available for following Millipore systems:  Milli-Q Advantage A10 Milli-Q Integral Milli-Q Reference

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A10 TOC UV lamp, replace ZFA10UVM1

A10 TOC UV lamp RAA10UVM1, replace Millipore ZFA10UVM1 RephiLe Catalog No. : RAA10UVM1Millipore Catalog No. : ZFA10UVM1 Product Descriptions:  This product is designed to be used as a replacement lamp in the Millipore A10 monitors. UV Technologies: UV oxidation Suitable for the following Millipore system: Milli-Q Advantage A10 Milli-Q (Century &96) A10 Milli-Q Integral Stand-alone A10 monitors

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RephiDuo P Pack S2, replace PR0G0T0S2

RephiDuo P Pack S2 RR800CP01, replace Progard S2 PR0G0T0S2 RephiLe Catalog No.: RR800CP01Millipore Catalog No.: PR0G0T0S2 Product Description:  This product is designed to remove large particles and organic compounds, softening water, and remove chlorine from tap water to protect the RO membranes. Suitable for the following Millipore systems: Elix Advantage Elix Reference  Milli-Q Integral

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