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Lab Water Purification Systems

RephiLe provides a full range of lab water purification solutions for small to medium size applications ( water production of 5 to 600 liters per hour).

RephiLe water technology platforms include continuous electro-deionization (CEDI), UV, DI cartridges, and other complementary purification technologies to meet various demands.

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NuZar water system set, U24 

NuZar water system set, U24 produces ultrapure water (Type I water) and RO water from tap water directly. Quality of ultrapure water meets or exceeds ASTM, CLSI, CAP, and ISO Type I water standards. The NuZar water purification systems are compact and powerful. They are specifically designed for laboratories that demand a balance between cost of ownership and exceeding their

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RephiQuik PTFE Non-sterile Syringe Filter

A PTFE syringe filter RJF1322NH/RJF3222NH/RJF1345NH/RJF3245NH uses a hydrophobic PTFE membrane in a high-quality polypropylene (PP) housing, free of any adhesives. The membrane is biologically and chemically inert, extremely low in extractable. Its unique design ensures no leakage of particles to the down-stream side of the membrane. The filters are resistant to the destructive effects of organic solvents, concentrated acids and

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RephiQuik Nylon Non-sterile Syringe Filter

The RephiQuik Nylon syringe filter RJN1322NH/RJN3222NH/RJN1345NH/RJN3245N utilizes a hydrophilic Nylon membrane with a broad chemical compatibility and low levels of extractables. Its unique design ensures no leakage of particles to the down-stream side of the membrane The filters can be used in many different applications for filtering aqueous and organic solutions, even some aggressive solutions, such as acetonitrile (ACN), DMF

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RephiQuik PES Non-sterile Syringe Filter

A RephiQuik PES syringe filter RJP1322NH/RJP3222NH/RJP1345NH/RJP3245NH utilizes an asymmetric hydrophilic PES membrane, allowing for a faster flow rate and higher through-put of aqueous and slightly organic solutions than that of MCE, PTFE, PVDF or Nylon membrane filters, which leads to increased productivity and efficiency of the filters. Its unique design ensures no leakage of particles to the down-stream side of

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Super-Genie Water System, G

The Super-Genie G Water System is specifically designed to produce large volumes of EDI water and ultrapure water from tap water.
Super-Genie G30 Water System Catalog No.: RL0G03000
Super-Genie G60 Water System Catalog No.: RL0G06000
Super-Genie G125 Water System Catalog No.: RL0G01H00
Super-Genie G30 Water System, with 100 L tank Catalog No.: RL0G030T1
Super-Genie G60 Water System, with 100 L tank Catalog No.: RL0G060T1
Super-Genie G125 Water System, with 100 L tank Catalog No.: RL0G01HT1

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