60 L Tank with Tank UV for Genie & NuZar

RATK060GE 60 L Tank with Tank UV for Genie & NuZar

60 Liter PE Tank with Tank UV RATK060GE is designed to protect the quality of purified water based on the best proven technology & designs. A tank sanitization module is equipped to effectively keep microbial growth at a lower level by LED UV light.


  • High purity inert HDPE material. HDPE has the little branching making the tank is low extractable and has smooth surface.
  • Opaque construction and smooth inner surface to minimize biofilm formation and algal growth.
  • No dead volume thanks to cylindrical shape and conical bottom design. Easy in emptying and cleaning.
  • Threaded lid for airtight closure, preventing air from entering inside the tank.
  • A vent filter to guard the water tank against particles and microbes from atmosphere.
  • Continuous liquid level sensor for exact measurement of water level at any point.
  • Overflow sensor managed by control console. Convenient and worry-free.
  • The UVC LED lamp is equipped in the tank sanitatzion module.

Suitable for Genie water systems:

Suitable for NuZar water systems:


Length 450 mm
Depth 340 mm
Height 850 mm
Volume 60 L

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60 L Tank with Tank UV for Genie & NuZar RATK060GE