316L Bi-layer Stainless Steel Filter Holder

316L Bi-Layer Stainless Steel Filter Holder with top lid, for 47 mm filter membranes. Two membranes of different pore sizes are placed one over the other in sequence, which allows for the
sequential filtration through two filters in a single step using the same sample.

Catalog No.: RX02047KT, RX0104701, RX0104702, RX0104703, RX0104705, RX0104706, RX0104707, RX0104708

Ordering Information
  • High quality 316L stainless steel funnel offers excellent chemical resistance.
  • Filter funnel is electropolished to minimize potential particulate“hang-up”on sides of funnel.
  • The stainless steel filter support ensures a uniform distribution of the residues.
  • No clamp is needed for setup. Easy and fast spin-lock connection.
  • 2-serial filter holders save both time and sample for analysis. More convenient for applications.
  • The stainless steel filter holders and membrane supports can be autoclaved or flame-sterilized.

RephiLe 316L stainless steel filter holders can be used for:

  • Precise analysis of particulate contamination by vacuum filtration
  • Biological contamination analysis or microbiology test
  • General liquid filtration. Purification of corrosive liquid, solvents, etc
  • Chemical experiment
Materials  316L Stainless steel top lid with hose adaptor; Funnel; support screen and base (first and second filtration) ; No.8 perforated silicone stopper; silicone O-ring
 Funnel Capacity  250 mL
 Filter Diameter  47 mm
 Filtration Areas  17.3 cm2
 Height  19.4 cm
 Diameter  76 mm
 Outlet  No.8 perforated silicone stopper mounts in a standard filtering flask
Ordering Information
 Description  Units/PK  Catalog No.
 316L Bi-Layer Stainless Steel Filter Holder with top lid, for 47 mm filter membranes  1  RX02047KT
 Replacement Parts    
 ①316L Stainless steel top cap with connector for 4 mm I.D. hose  1  RX0104701
 ②316L Stainless steel Funnel, 250 mL  1  RX0104702
 ④Stainless steel support screen  1  RX0104703
 ⑤Silicone O-ring  1  RX0104705
 ⑥316L Stainless steel base for first filtration (specially for RX02047KT)  1  RX0104706
 ⑦316L Stainless steel base  1  RX0104707
 ⑧No. 8 perforated silicone stopper, hole diameter 14.3 mm  1  RX0104708